The SEMBDA. Band clinic will be held the first weekend in February when possible. Changes may be made by executive committee decision.

2. The Clinic Site is Jones County Junior College.

3. The Clinic wilI include two (2) auditioned High School and two (2) auditioned Junior High Bands

4. Ninth (9th) grade students who are in their fourth year or more of band must audition for the High School- Bands. Ninth (9th) grade students who are in their third year of band or below may choose to audition for either the High School or Junior High Bands.

5. High School Clinic Band Students judged to be best will be placed in the First (1st) (GOLD) Band. Those judged at the next lower level will be placed in the Second (2nd) (SILVER) Band.
Junior High Students judged to be best wiIl be placed in the First (lst) Junior High (Bronze) Band, and the next lower level will be placed in the Second (2nd) Junior High (Red) Band.

6. Each student auditioning will pay a ten (10) dollar non-refundable fee in advance. Students wishing to audition on more than one instrument must pay a ten (10) dollar fee for each instrument. Any student who makes the clinic on more than one instrument will be notified prior to the clinic and willI be required to choose which instrument they will participate on.


7. Audition music will be mailed early in September prior to the upcoming February clinjc.
B. Director dues of twenty-five (25) dollars must be paid in order for students from that member's school to be chosen.

9 - Directors are responsible for mailing student fees no later than he designated deadline indicated in the SEMBDA bulletin #2.

10. Audition Rules:

A. High School- Band Requirements - The Mississippi Lion's Band scale/rudiment requirements serve as our audition requirements. These will be listed in Bulletin #2.

B. Junior High School Band Requirements are more simple than the High School Band Requirements. These will be listed in Bulletin #2.

C. All Students will be judged on sight-reading ability. The sight-reading selections may be printed or hand written.

D. Prepared selections will be mailed out by the audition music committee each year.

11. Following auditions, each band director will receive an alphabetical listing of all students who will be participating in the clinic bands. Each active member will have at least one auditioning student to participate in the clinic. No chair positions will be disclosed prior to the clinic.

12. Students participating in the clinic must attend each rehearsal and the performance. The director of a student who cannot attend the entire clinic is expected to contact the president so an
alternate can be included in the clinic.

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