Section 1 - Name: The name of the organization shall be the Southeastern Mississippi Band Directors' Association.

Section 2 - Purpose: The purpose of the organization shall be to promote education and cooperation in the school and community by teaching instrumental music. To this end we endeavor to give the
child a worthwhile activity as well as provide for a lifetime of enjoyment and appreciation.

Section 3 - Affiliation: This organization is an independent and self-governing representative of the instrumental music educators of Covington, Forrest, Greene, Jasper, Jones, Lamar,
Perry, and Wayne Counties and members-at-Large: Magee, Poplarville, Quitman, Enterprise and Pearl River Central.


Section 1 - Active membership: Band directors teaching instrumental music in one of the counties or member-at-Iarge schools found in Article I, Section 3, and in good standing with dues paid are designated as Active Members. Only Active Members may vote.

Section 2 - Associate membership: Persons interested in instrumental music not qualifying in Article II, Section 1 are designated as Associate Members upon payment of annual dues.
Associate members may attend all meetings and activities of the association and enter into discussion at meetings upon being recognized by the presiding officer.

Section 3 - The decision of the active membership is final with regard to eligibility for membership.


Section 1 - The officers of the association shall be the President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Third Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2 - The representative power of the association shall be vested in the Executive Board which shall consist of the officers and the immediate Past President. The Executive Board will
determine the general policy of the association, oversee the student audition process, and outline the agenda for all business meetings.


Section 1 (a).Two regular meetings shall be held during the year. The President, with the permission of the Executive board, may call other meetings if or when deemed necessary. If such a
meeting is called for the purpose of transacting important business, each member must be duly notified of the place, and nature of the business to be dealt with at least one week in
advance. (b) The first meeting will be held the second Saturday after the first Monday in September. (c) The second meeting will be held at the annual Southeastern Mississippi Band Directors' Association Band Clinic .


Section 1: Dues shall be paid annually at meeting and must be paid before a director to participate in the SEMBDA Band Clinic.


Section 1 - The constitution may be amended in the following manner: Must be passed by a quorum majority of the members copy of proposed change must be mailed to all members at least thirty
days prior to next business meeting; and passed by quorum majority at the next business meeting.


Section 2 - The number present at meeting will constitute a quorum. Active membership will constitute meeting. first business students selected a regularly scheduled business Fifty-one (51) percent of a quorum at a called business meeting.

Section 3 - By-laws and Rules and Regulations Governing the SEMBDA Band clinic may be amended by majority vote at one regularly scheduled business meeting.

Section 4 - A quorum majority vote is sufficient for the passage of business.


Section 1 - The process of selecting students for the SEMBDA District Band clinic will be by the process of audition. The selection process by audition will be instated for a period of
 five (5) years, and the audition process will not be altered during such time.

Section 2 - The five (5) year period wilt begin with the 2016 SEMBDA Band clinic, and continue through the 2021 SEMBDA Band Clinic .




Section 1 - Annual dues for Active and Associate members shall be $25.00 per person. The year on which membership is based shall begin on September 1.

Section 2 - Payment of annual dues shall entitle an Active member to membership with all voting rights in this organization for a period of one year

Section 3 - The duties of the officers of SEMBDA will- be as follows:

President (rotating position) - preside at all meetings and act in an executive capacity throughout his/her term of office. The President wiLl make all arrangements and organization needed to prepare for the Southeastern Mississippi Band Directors' Association Band Clinic. The President will select and invite the clinicians to work with each of the four ( 4 ) clinic bands. The President will handle alI clinic student cancellations and student replacements.

1st Vice-President (rotating position) - preside in the absence of the President, arrange for all musical requirements of the clinic to be met including the preparation of bands' folders
when necessary. He/she will- pick, contact, and advise band chairmen for each band.

2nd Vice-President (rotating position) - secure equipment for each clinic band, organize chair auditions and seating of the bands.

3rd Vice-President (rotating position) - prepare folders for each clinic band. Either the clinicians will bring their own prepared folders , or the clinician will ask the third Vice-President to procure and prepare the folders for that clinician's band.

Secretary (permanent position) serve the association as secretary, inform the membership of meetings, write and mail clinic information bulletins, handle all funds collected for the
clinic, have proper accounting of the same when called for, keep a complete and accurate record of meetings' minutes, and organize clinic registration.

Treasurer (permanent position) - handle all funds not associated with the collection of registration fees associated with the clinic, keep accurate record of the association's account
and produce an accurate account record/report at the yearly meetings, pay/reimburse bills when necessary.

Section 4 - Election: At the SEMBDA and Clinic business meeting an election shall be held for the office of Third Vice-President. This office will start immediately and the other officers will
automatically assume the duties of the next higher office.

Section 5 - Vacancies: (a) A vacancy occurring in any of the four offices shall be filled by the succeeding officers assuming the duties of the next higher office. This leaves the office of Third
Vice-President open. An election shall be held at the next regular business meeting for the office of Third Vice-President. The person elected will assume office immediately. (b) In the
event that two or three offices are vacated at one time, the succeeding officer(s) will assume the vacant office(s). The President will appoint and chair a six member Nomination Committee
consisting of the remaining members of the Executive Board, and least one former Past President, and up to three Active Members to complete the six. This committee will submit no less than two
names per vacant office to be voted on by the membership in a mail-out ballot. Those elected by the membership will assume duties once ballots have been counted by the Nominating Committee.
(c) In the event that all offices are vacated at one time, for any reason, the most recent Past President will- appoint and chair a Nominating Committee to conduct the election of officers as
outlined in Article I, Section 5, Subsection B.

Article II - Disbursement of Funds

Section 1 - The Executive Board has authority to disburse funds at its description. Financial reports shall be made at each business meeting.

(revised 02-29-16 )

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